Rosemary Leaf Powder

Rosemary Leaf Powder


Certified Organic & Kosher Certified


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Rosemary adds a delightful flavor to cuisine all across the world. The younger leaves are preferred for a sweeter flavor, standing up well to cooking, even at high temperatures. The smell of rosemary is piney and fresh; familiar but also distinctive. It is baked into bread and crackers and is classically used as a rub for pork and lamb. Rosemary leaves are often used in herbal medicine for their beneficial properties, including supporting cognitive function*. Food manufacturers add rosemary to meats and sauces as an antioxidant and stabilizer. The herb is also used to make liqueurs, such as Benedictine and Danziger Goldwasser.

PARTS USED: Dried leaf milled into a powder.

TYPICAL PREPARATIONS: Teas and tinctures, however, it is most popularly used in cooking.


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