About Us


This is the story of how two Honduran women came to the United States with a political asylum, joining the immigrant class in this country along with our daughters and son.

Being an immigrant is not an easy task, especially in this country. It is to confront a different culture and a social-economic class and a political dynamic, especially when you have to develop and adapt to new skills and abilities to enter the job market. It also places us, immigrants, in conditions where one is reborn in a reality of disadvantages such as not knowing the language and being placed in a survival mode.

To understand and assimilate our new reality took a long time, with a rollercoaster of emotions between weeping, anger, laughter and love, we managed to return to our main purpose, goals and dreams.

One day we sat down and reviewed our knowledge, experiences, skills and passions; we asked ourselves what is it that we do well? and also love doing.  The first step was to validate our degrees and study even harder to obtain the proper licenses that would allow us to enter the labor field.

During 2012-2014, we validated our degrees and obtained our licenses in the State of New Jersey to launch our project, a Holistic Center.

In June of 2015 our dream and goal came true, a Holistic Center, Chic Massage LLC. DBA Diva Spa. This process of being entrepreneur women has required internal strength, ambitions, and an a lot confidence. During this process we had our children and friends supporting us every step of the way.

We are a working team that flows from the energy of love, compassion, and gratitude. We want to express the importance of our own history with our patients and the world.

Blanca Dole and Ana Centeno.