To Love with All Your Heart!

To Love with All Your Heart!
Helping our Heart!
Physical distancing can bring us into a difficult situation with ourselves both physically and mentally. We are currently facing stress levels that we had not had in a long time or perhaps never experienced before. While reflecting on this ongoing Pandemic, we invite you to cuddle your heart, this organ that is inside our being, giving us life. Let us attend to our being, now more than ever, it is a moment of transformation to continue in a more humane world.
 First, be willing to give yourself 10-15 minutes a day. Second, choose a place where you can be quiet, without distractions, and able to play relaxing music. Third, find a place where you can sit or stand to start a conscious breathing process to inhale deeply, let the air inflate your stomach, count to 4 and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this process three times. 
When inhaling, inhale joy, tranquillity, when exhaling, cast off fears and sadness. Then put your left hand on your heart and the right hand on the left, close your eyes, listen to your heart, the rhythm, its harmony, its wisdom. Speak to your heart, tell it that you love it, that it will be fine because you are taking care of it, that you promise to listen to it on this path of life! It may happen that on the first attempt, do not listen to its harmony and rhythm,  keep doing the exercises until you succeed. So that after, you can repeat it with family and friends.
Let's cuddle our heart!
Let's make our intentions come true: to love with all your heart!

By: Blanca Dole