Pindas Treatment

Pindas Treatment

What are Pindas, Origin, Benefits, & How they are used

Pindas are made out of cloth bags, inside they contain aromatic herbs such as rice, medicinal plants, and therapeutic-grade essential oils. Its origin is in India as a combination of Ayurveda medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Before being placed on the skin, the Pindas are heated by water vapor, thus releasing their healing properties.

It is used as a tool to perform massages, applying pressure to different parts of the body. The massage with Pindas will provide moisturizing and detoxifying effects for the skin and will also provide the body with deep relaxation. We cover the skin with therapeutic oil to facilitate the massage, in addition to moisturizing the skin, it helps the hot Pindas move easily over the body or face.

The benefits of Pindas include improving muscle injuries, improving circulation, helping with flexibility, helping reduce inflammation, improving the immune system, providing relaxation, improves anxiety and stress. Helps against insomnia and other sleep disorders.

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By: Blanca Dole