Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a technique performed with the hands through very smooth, slow and repetitive movements that favor the circulation of lymph, thus improving edematous, inflammation and retention of organic liquids. The lymphatic system collaborates closely with the immune system, so manual lymphatic drainage generally improves health status and plays a very beneficial role in the nervous system, in addition to specifically treating different conditions.

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  1. do you offer post lymphatic drains and how much and do you offer packages for this service
    • Hello Gizelle! We do offer post-op lymphatic massages, we typically would have you come in for a free evaluation to discuss further treatment plans and costs. We do offer 5 and 10 session packages, prices may vary depending on the post-op surgery. We will be re-opening on July 1st, please do not hesitate to give us a call for more information.

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